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What is Q+Q? It is a design collective offering a vast and extensive range of design aesthetics supported by our intuitive and creative spirit,

which allows us to focus on the individual needs of every client in the joint process based on communication. This process results in a coherent and expressive message, which can captivate the attention and catch the eyes of onlookers.


the overarching value of any work. The two personalities that constitute the backbone of QQ manifest their divergent design approaches in different ways; however, they keep looking in the same direction. The symbiosis of these varying attitudes results in a balanced design philosophy deeply rooted in harmony

Clear communication

based on kindness, transparency, and honesty is essential for understanding on both sides

Flexibility and openness

enable us to adapt our approach to customer needs

Continuous development

is required to offer services at the highest level – that is why we are eager to learn and constantly broaden our horizons

Positive attitude

Optimism, empathy, and positive energy are key to living every day


With our knowledge and experience, we extend an offer of various forms of collaboration. Our comprehensive offering covers every stage of the project – from design to implementation.

Interior design
3D Visualisations
Competition concepts

Zuzanna Motus

Architekt Wnętrz

Zuzanna’s feet are planted firmly on the ground. She has been a part of the architectural community from an early age and always wanted to combine her passion with her profession.

She graduated from the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts, and her design is like her trips to the wilderness – she strays off the beaten path and keeps looking for new and inspiring solutions while translating her love of nature and its spaces into a design language that she uses to express her creativity.

Michał Jagła

3D artist / architect

Michał constantly walks the line between imagination and reality.

Being sensitive to the surrounding world enables him to compose elements in a way that evokes
certain feelings and builds the right atmosphere.

A degree in architecture has equipped him with the ability to balance the technical and artistic aspects of the craft. Harmony is an essential element in all designs.


Personal trainer

Guards the studio against foul moods,

takes care of a positive attitude, good atmosphere, and makes sure that the team members stay active.

Quality is in our DNA – that is why we focus on great communication and discussion of all your needs.

Get in touch with us and tell us the story you would like to create.

Zuzanna Motus
Michał Jagła


    Współpraca z Panią Zuzanną przebiegała bardzo dobrze i w pełni spełniła nasze oczekiwania. Kontakt na każdym etapie projektu był bardzo sprawny. Mnóstwo ciekawych pomysłów i zaangażowania, również duża otwartość i cierpliwość. Bardzo pomocny nadzór nad realizacją. Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni z ostatecznego efektu pracy.

    Michał Kozicki

    Transparency and professionalism. Qnszt works with the highest standard and shows commitment in every project, which is the reason for our constant cooperation.

    Rayss Group

    During our long cooperation Qnszt visualization presents our architecture in very photorealistic and appealing way. Images created by Qnszt definitely helped us win few major architecture competitions and gain some strategic investors. It’s save to say that Qnszt is a brand that we can rely on and recommend to other architects.

    Arch Deco

    Zdecydowanie polecam współpracę z LOQM. Mieszkanie, które jeszcze kilka miesięcy temu wyglądało na prawdę fatalnie, dziś jest miejscem, z którego nie chce się wychodzić. LOQM to oryginalne rozwiązania oraz poczucie estetyki, a także wspaniałe podejście do klienta! Zuzanna idealnie wyczuła klimat naszego wymarzonego mieszkania. Z czystym sumieniem POLECAM! Na pewno odezwiemy się w przyszłości, zmieniając mieszkanie na większe.

    Karolina Pawłowska

    Pani Zuzanna jest młoda projektantka z duży poczuciem smaku. Ma świeże i nowoczesne podejście do każdego projektu, zachowując przy tym styl, który wybiera sobie Inwestor. Jest bardzo rzetelna i obowiązkowa. Pani Zuzanna zaprojektowała piękne wnętrza naszego mieszkania na Garnizonie w Gdańsku.

    Krystyna Kowalczyk

    Polecam współpracę z Panią Zuzanną. Jest osobą kompetentną, uważną na potrzeby klienta i szybką w działaniu. Cechuje ją doskonały zmysł zawodowy połączony z otwartością na zmiany. Zachowuje bardzo pozytywny kontakt z klientem. Jestem bardzo zadowolona z efektów jej pracy!

    Małgorzata Jóźwiak

    QNSZT3D always delivers high-quality images at a good price. Even with short notice or a limited time schedule, there were never any problems. The communication was always smooth, quick, and professional. I would strongly recommend using their services for making visualizations.

    ORIGO arkitekter

    We wholeheartedly recommend QNSZT’s services to everybody, in particular to people who enjoy working with professional partners, who understand the artistic nature of more demanding designs. Michał Jagła is well-educated, and more importantly, he has the right skills and knowledge to craft proper visualization of developer-made real estate and ambitious architecture alike.

    Pracownia 111

    Qnszt makes really good visuals. We highly value cooperation with this studio based on dialogue. Michał Jagła has an excellent sense of the idea of ​​the project and can highlight its basic elements, so the final effect made is not only a nice picture but above all shows the good architecture.

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